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These words are my heart.

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you made child's play
out of oath-breaking,
and now that I think about it,
I could have sworn I heard you whisper
on the bridge.
lord of the crossing.

Something for the GoT fans out there. And my own peace of mind.
we were caught and cornered,
keelsons crushed
underneath the weight
of rocks and hard places
and hurricanes
that tore us all but
    apart -

in this and every maelstrom
we were just waiting
to crumble,
holding hands like they were
and locking palms in prayer ;
we knew an introduction
to the edge of our little world was
and said our goodbyes
every time the ocean's belly
swelled with Neptune's angry squall,
our mouths filled with salt and
all the breathlessness that came
with keeping a weather eye
on that horizon.

you were the light of my life -
every smile a star
and every star a sentinel,
keeping us from keeling over
or charting courses
hellward bound ;
that angel stern,
casting starshine
on every map and
on every midnight journey,
and making sure
we always knew
which way was north,
or a new world,
or danger,
or home.

but darling,
the storms got the best of us,
our little ship stricken
from bow to stern,
from mizzenmast to bowline,
every stemson,
every scuttle,
every sail.
our little ship in irons,
grounded at sea.
and you, o my captain,
and lost to me.
polaris is dead.
I am the light of my life -
I am charting a course
for that horizon,
hell and hurricanes
be damned.
I think I'm okay with this, even a little.

- How did the imagery affect you? How did it affect the story?
- What kind of story did you get from this? How did it make you feel?
- How did the naval language affect the poem?
- What would have been a better title?
- How does the metaphor work out?

Comment for theWrittenRevolution…
it was
all too easy,
forgetting your name,
tasting the starlight tucked
behind someone else's
wisdom teeth ;
our soju-laced smiles
crashing at 90mph
and the memory of you
in the headlights and
wreckage of us,
our 2am laughter
echoing in your bones
from 5654 miles away ;
my hands knowing
the age-old roads
that led to brand new places,
and the faded map of you
folded and kept hastily
in my back pocket.

(I was far too proud
    to ask for directions
    to come home)
This took almost no effort to write, but when I was done, it felt like someone sucker-punched me in the heart.
I still can't breathe.
I still can't stop crying.


//written from his point of view, for clarity
hearts don’t come

with This Side Up stickers

and this metaphor is nearly

too worn-out for words ;

but I was bruised by the time

I landed on your doorstep, darling,
so every fight felt like

a forest fire, 
and every new compromise
tasted like cardboard ;

I had FRAGILE tattooed

all across my collarbones,

but that doesn’t mean

your hands were any less

damaged goods.
You take my ache with a pinch of salt
and rub it straight into my wounds.

I'm still hurting. || Critique, please! This is a revived one.


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I lack sleep. I like good food and pretty things and making people laugh. I love writing and good music and that sinking feeling when you realise you like like someone.

I write when I can. These words are my heart.

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