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.. I make promises I don't always keep.

So hi! It's been a while since I properly wrote a journal here. Been a while since I've been active here at all, actually. And I'm sorry for that. I keep making excuses, and as long as I'm in college and collapsing from the requirements (Architecture school is a biiitch) I won't be able to post too ~regularly.

I do have some news though! I'm slowly getting over the Horrible Mess that happened in my life last August, and I've gained weight back to a healthy (sort of) 90 pounds. I've also drastically lessened the smoking (which I started last November) to the point of almost-might-as-well-probably quitting, and the last time I cut myself was in October.

I've also got two new things: A book I'm publishing (with the help of my parents) that has many new poems and some old ones from on here, and a new twitter account for my writing. The things I'm tweeting will either be snippets of new poems, or prompts that I've found all over. Give it some love?

I miss the community over here at dA. One of these days I need to take a week-long break just to immerse myself here again. But until then, I adore you all. Leave a message because goddamn, it is lonely here in the rain. 
  • Mood: Affection
  • Listening to: The Gambler - Fun.
  • Reading: The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle - Haruki Murakami
  • Watching: Legally Blonde
they say saltwater cures anything:
or the sea.
if you were here, you'd say
we were never sick, we were just
maybe all broken things can be made new again,
put back together with a miracle -
or the sea.
maybe all lost things come home,
and all you need to do is hope.
call out in semaphore.
stand on the pier 'til they make anchor.
come back to the empty lighthouse.
name a star after them
and make a wish.
kneel on the wet sand
and weep.
maybe all it takes is an ocean song.
maybe nobody has tried hard enough.
or the sea.
every star is an empty light house
Actually just one part of a longer poem that I can't put up here for reasons, but I wanted to see how this stood alone.

Let me know what you think! Also, help me out with the title. I'm not quite sure it fits.

For theWrittenRevolution…
 - how did you like the flow?
 - how do you feel about the use of repetition?
 - what story did you get from it?
 - general improvements?
somewhere on the other side
of a town shaped like
a midnight cliche,
you are dying:
    it has been so many months
    since I last mouthed your name.

    I have been dead since August, darling,
but on the sandbars of my memory
we are seventeen forever,
drunk on sloppy kisses
and spoken-word poetry,
throwing around our dreams
like they're fists
and humming the theme song to Rocky,
promising paper cranes for every landed punch
    and writing love letters
    to the bruises of tomorrow.

    we reached our meridian
on a Tuesday,
falling gently into ruin
like statues underwater,
held together with nothing
but a silence heavy as a cannonball -
and even the windstorms we weathered
would leave us only shaken,
not stirred.
not us.
we were far too comfortable
in the bedrock,
pressed upon each other,
praying to turn into diamonds
in the morning;
we were fossils, you and me,
the negatives in the film,
    the ghosts of us beautiful
    for the spaces we leave behind.

three hundred thousand paper cranes later,
we are

still a better love story
than Twilight.
stories only keep you immortal for so long
I couldn't sleep and I wanted to write, so I challenged myself to do an emotional poem where the last lines are "still a better love story than Twilight." Because I'm cool like that.

Here it is. Keep in mind I wrote this half-crazed at 2:30 am. Let the crit come as it will, though! It's always appreciated.
Also, I need a better title (I think).
are not perfect.
you begin
miles beneath that golden line,
all sweat and sinew
and broken hearts,
sheets stained
with the hunger
of a hundred different girls.

are not perfect.
like a fool, a
graceful maelstrom
whipping through the
whippoorwills and
kissing birdsong
down my spine.

are not perfect.
I can see
that scar on your hip,
the achilles heel in your
caged and calculating
the next best way
to rip into
my fresh meat.

are not perfect.
but your skin tastes like
eyes blazing
obsidian, tongue
murmuring sweetness
against my name,
you are
a hunter
with far too willing
a prey.

are not perfect.
but you carry your charisma
like a thunderstorm,
and you smile like you know
I am aching for the rain,
and you -
well, you can call me baby
whenever you damn well
don't write poems for fuckboys.
I don't like you, you're just a good fuck.
/repeat to self until truth is reached/


It's been a while since I wrote something I thought was good enough to post on here. God, I'm rusty. 
Do the two 'well's in the last stanza turn it all redundant, or are they okay?
Crit is much welcomed. Thanks!
. by neonsquiggle
I took a well-deserved holiday from life and went all the way to Bali to try and find myself again. It worked, mostly. The beer was lovely, and so were the people. This is me on the beach, in one of the few instances I'm comfortable showing my face on dA. Hello, world!

*done with an iPhone set to timer. I am much too broke for a good camera, folks. Sorry.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I lack sleep. I like good food and pretty things and making people laugh. I love writing and good music and that sinking feeling when you realise you like like someone.

I write when I can. These words are my heart.

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